Academic Year: 2019-20

Sr. No.DateName of ActivityNo. of ParticipantsOutcomes
1.23/06/2019Technical Aptitude Test65These are designed to measure how much a student knows about a particular aspect of the subject
2.30/06/2019General Quiz Competition50designed to promote, a fun way to study and in the process help improve students general knowledge
3.07/07/2019Extempore Competition60helps students to  think and develop presence of mind and it directly helps students brain to react fast.
4.14/07/2019Technical Quiz Competition10 group of three participantsTesting identifies gaps in knowledge.
5.28/07/2019General Aptitude Test55Tests are often much more efficient than interviews for determining if a student has the potential to do a job well
6.04/08/2019Debate Competition8 participants in four groupsDevelop excellent oral and written communication skills . Develop strategies to overcome fears of public speaking
7.08/09/2019Group Discussion Competition45Group discussion among students is being organized to see and evaluate their thinking skills, listening abilities and how they are communicating their thoughts.