Placement Information

Academic Year 2019-20 Sr. No. Name of Student Photo Name of Company Package 1 Shailendra Patil TIAA 7.0 2 MAID GAYATRI RAUSAHEB Smartpacey Institute and Technology Pvt  Ltd. 2.5 3. MORE VARSHA SUKADEO   Smartpacey Institute and Technology Pvt  Ltd. 2.5 4 SAPIKE RUPALI VILAS   Smartpacey Institute and Technology Pvt  Ltd. 2.5 5. WAGH […]


Academic Year: 2019-20 Class: B.E. Sr. No. Name of Student CGPA/ Percentage Class 1 Ghodake Archana Subhash 9.57 Distinction 2 Shirsath Mai Raghunath 9.45 Distinction 3 Jagtap Manisha Ashok 9.41 Distinction Class: T.E. Sr. No. Name of Student CGPA/ Percentage Class 1 Patil Bhagyashree Kailash 8.30 First Class 2 Khokale Yogita Ashok 7.91 First Class […]

Computer Lab

Lab Details Sr. No. Laboratory Name Specification / Equipment Lab Photo (Good Quality) 1. Unix Lab Lenovo Desktop PC-Gen 7 B250/i7-7700 3.6 Ghz,4C, 4 GB DDR4 RAM, 2400/1 TB HDD, 15’’ Wide TFT with Keyboard and Mouse 2. Software Lab-I Lenovo Desktop, Dual Core 3rd, Generation H61 Motherboard, 500 HDD, 2GB DDR-3 Ram, 2.4 GHZ, […]

Departmental Activities

Academic Year: 2019-20 Sr. No. Date Name of Activity No. of Participants Outcomes 1. 20/06/2019 Debate Competition 16 participants in two groups Increases the confidence and stage daring. 2. 27/06/2019 Technical Quiz Competition 8 group of three participants Established relationship between theory and application of the learn concepts 3. 04/07/2019 General Aptitude Test 51 Prepared […]

Department Faculty

A. S. Chandgude HOD & Assistant Professor M.Tech(CSE), Ph.D*, Experience: 11 Specialization: Machine Learning Email: Contact: 9552218363, 9511208024  R. M Pandav Assistant Professor M. Tech (CSE)Experience: 11 Specialization: Imformation Security Email: Contact: 9096348245 A. B. Kolhe Assistant Professor M.E. (E&TC)Experience: 08 Specialization: VLSI & Embedded System Email: Contact: 9423121719 R. P. Daund […]

HOD Message

Department of Computer Engineering is a growing Department with the undying efforts and potential of 16 Teaching and 4 Technical Staff members under the leadership of Prof. A. S. Chandgude (Head of Department). The Department was established in the year 2007, offers programs in Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering (B.E.) and Master Degree in Computer Engineering (M.E.). These […]