First Year Engineering

                                   First Year Engineering plays a key role in development of the students to be a prospective engineer. The department nurtures and molds the students to enter in the rapid fast changing pragmatic world yet maintaining the sensitivity in them. The teaching-learning methodology used by staff boosts the students thinking potential and lifts their critical analyzing skills. As most of the students come from the diversified social environment it becomes a need for the department that they are  mentored by the staff with whom they can share their thoughts, expectations, express themselves and would feel comfortable away from home. For overall development of students we use feedback system of each stack holders which includes tutor meetings in every week, informing the progress of students to parents and corrective actions for aspects where improvement is required.

We have total 12 faculties in applied sciences apart of support from department faculty. Hence, our self-motivated staff wholly dedicated to the first year department, do their best and try to make the subjects simple and interesting.

Apart from curriculum, extra curriculum activities are arranged regularly like debate, extempore, expert lecture, field visit etc. to create multifaceted talent in students. In concluding we assure a healthy environment to develop technical skills among students