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How SNDCOE is an Unique Institution?

An institute focuses on students teaching learning process and the extra curricular activities that makes an institute unique than others. Following are the key points of our uniqness

1) Teaching Learning Process :

The teaching learning process is an effective key point to become a successful and popular institute. We include various things in teaching learning process like-

Use of Index Card

To gain an effective practical knowledge by the students, the index card system is introduced wherein a teacher keep record of each and every practical conducted in respective time slot. The student make an entry on the index card by the title of an experiment that is to be conducted in that practical slot. The concept of index card helps teacher and students to keep track of their practicals.

Class Tests

In education only teaching is not important but analysis of learning is also important. The analysis of students about their earned knowledge is done through class tests. We take regular class tests of the student that help them in grasping the concept more accurately and improvement in their knowledge. The marks gained by student in class tests are conveyed to their parents so that parent come to know the progress of their child.

Daily Assignments

To keep students active in college time as well as at home, daily assignments of any particular subject are given to the students as an homework. Due to this, students get connected to the subject even at the home.

Regular Assessment

The institute supports regular assessment process in which students are regularly assessed by the faculty that monitors homework done or not and reported same to the Head of department, principal sir and student's parent. This is very effective way to keep the students in touch with all subjects.

2) Tutor System :

To help the students, the tutor system is introduced wherein a teacher is attached for a group of 20 students. The tutor conducts meeting every fortnight to attend their problems of whatever nature they may be. The concept of tutor is to act as a friend, philosopher, and guide to the students for moulding their careers.

3) Convention of Students, Parents, Teachers and Management :

The college has this unique association called ‘Students, Parents, Teachers and Management Association’ to bring them together and deliberate upon various issues related to the students. The association has the common goal, i.e. to create innovative and at the same time responsible citizens.

4) Earn and Learn Opportunity

This is a novel scheme introduced by the college with the help of student’s welfare section of University of Pune. The scheme supports monetarily to the poor and needy students. Students under this scheme work daily for two to three hours in any of the sections of the institute. The students work under this scheme, develop a sense of responsibility and excel in their career.



Earn & Learn Scheme Statistics:

Academic Year

No. of Students

Amount Spent (Rs.)

2013-14 8 Girls & 18 Boys 20,000/-
2014-15 11 Girls & 16 Boys 1,32,925/-
2015-16 11 Girls & 14 Boys 1,12,650/-



The Following Value Addition courses are Introduced for Mechanical Engineering Students:

• Computational Fluid Dynamics

• Ansys

• Pro-E


Student Chapter opened:

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