Counselling Cell


The counseling cell is constituted as follows –

Sr.NoName of StaffPostDepartment
 1Prof. Jamdhade C.G.In chargeApp.Sci
 2Dr. Ubale V.NMemberMBA
 3Prof. Londhe V.D.MemberMech
 4Prof.  Gaikwad K.PMemberETC
 5Prof. Gawande Y.BMemberCivil
 6Miss. Khemanar K.NMemberElectrical
 7Miss. Bhoir K.A.MemberIT

The Roles and Responsibilities of the committee is as follows –

  1. Counseling cell must visit to hostel for observing students activities and discuss with students about their problems.
  2. Counseling committee allows students to effectively deal with problems and issues before they become unmanageable.
  3. Arrange the professional counselor through ant ragging cell or grievance redressal cell.
  4. Keep the record of visit at hostels.
  5. Counseling cell try to counsel the students through tutors and solve their problems.
  6. Take feedback from students about their academic and other issues.
  7. Counseling empowers students with enhanced ability to solved problems. Make decisions and deal more effectively with their personal situations.
  8. Helps students to alleviate distress, enhance wellness, utilizing their best potentials and facilitate the achievements.

The process is confidential expect in a condition where disclosure is necessary to protect a students.