Lab Details (Mechanical Department)


  1. Dell computer OptiPlex Desktop, Intel core 2 Duo, 2.4 CPU, 1 GB DBR2 RAM, 80 GB HDD,CMBO Drive with USB keyboard and mouse
  2. Lenovo Think Centre Desktop, Dual core 3rd Generation, 2 GB DDR, 3 GB RAM SATA HDD, 48.5’’ LED Screen with Keyboard and Mouse
  3. HP Design jet 500+42’’ Colour Plotter

Dynamics of Machinery Lab (DOM Lab)

  1. Universal Vibration Test rig
  2. Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
  3. Motorized Gyroscope
  4. Whirling of Shaft apparatus

Mechatronics  Lab

  1. Setup of Verification of P,P+I,P+I+D control actions
  2. Setup to study to A/D converter
  3. Setup to study to D/A converter
  4. Level measurement apparatus using capacitive sensor
  5. Flow measurement apparatus
  6. Displacement measurement using LVDT setup
  7. Setup for calibration of thermocouple & RTD
  8. Setup for PID control implementation on DC motor speed control system
  9. Setup for PLC control implementation on real time system
  10. Demonstration of bottle filling system using PLC micro-controller relays.

Fluid Mechanics Lab (FM Lab)

  1. Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus
  2. Orifice plate & Venturimeter
  3. Reynolds apparatus
  4. Metacentric Height apparatus
  5. Heleshaw apparatus
  6. Pressure Measuring Devices
  7. Redwood Viscometer
  8. Saybolt Viscometer
  9. Electrical analogy apparatus
  10. Losses in pipe model

Heat Transfer Lab

  1. Test rig of thermal conductivity of insulating powder
  2. Test rig of thermal conductivity of thermal rod
  3. Test rig of temperature distribution through composite wall
  4. Test rig of temperature distribution along the length of a fin to find effectiveness and efficiency
  5. Test rig of natural convection , heat transfer from heated vertical cylinder
  6. Test rig of emissivity of metal surface
  7. Test rig of Stephan Boltzman’s constant
  8. Test rig of HT in forced convection for pipe losing heat to air flowing
  9. Heat pipe demonstration unit
  10. Test rig of effectiveness of heat exchanger 12.Test rig of Temperature distribution pin efficiency in forced convection

IC Engine & Automobile Lab

  1. 4 cylinder diesel engine with eddy current dynamo-meter
  2. Study of fuel pump(Mechanical Type)
  3. Study of Carburetor (Cut section of Solex Carburetor)
  4. Battery Ignition System
  5. Petrol Engine Test rig 6.Battery Charger

Industrial Fluid Power Lab

  1. Electro-Hydraulic Trainer
  2. Electro-Pneumatic Trainer
  3. Gear Pump Unit
  4. Pressure Relief valve trainer setup 5.Two Stage Reciprocating
  5. Air Compressor Test Rig

PG Research Lab

  1. Wear & Friction Monitor TR20LE suitable with PC, Pin heating upto 4000c
  2. FFT Analyzer 4 Channel, 1Trigger port
  3. Strain gauge setup

Metallurgy Lab

  1. Universal Metallurgical Microscope Model RMM-8T
  2. Imaging system colour model CCTV -2
  3. Standard Metallurgical Specimen Set
  4. Vickers Hardness Tester
  5. Brinell Hardness Tester
  6. Rockwell Hardness Tester
  7. Jominey End Quench Test

Metrology & Quality Control-I Lab

  1. Digital Vernier Calliper
  2. Gear Tooth Vernier Calliper
  3. Micrometer Inside(25-50mm)
  4. Micrometer Outside(75-100mm)
  5. Digital Micrometer LC 0.001mm R 00-25mm
  6. Dial Indicator Plunger Type
  7. Sine Bar
  8. Feeler gauge set
  9. Screw pitch gauge
  10. Radius gauge
  11. Outside Micrometer (26-50mm)
  12. Digital Micrometer (0-25mm)
  13. Height Gauge (300mm)
  14. Autocollimator
  15. Spirit Level 1 set

Metrology & Quality Control-II Lab

  1. Tool Makers Microscope
  2. Floating carriage dia. Measuring microscope
  3. Profile Projector
  4. Plain V Block
  5. Plain Plug Gauge
  6. Optical Flat
  7. Mechanical Comparator
  8. Slip Gauge Set
  9. Granite Surface Plate 1000mm*1000mm

Power Plant Engineering

  1. Locomotive Boiler
  2. Babcock 7 Wilcox Boiler
  3. Cornish Boiler
  4. Lancashire Boiler
  5. Marcet Boiler
  6. Cochran Boiler
  7. Vertical water Tube Boiler
  8. Loeffler Boiler
  9. Lamount Boiler
  10. Benson Boiler
  11. Valox Boiler
  12. Pure Reaction Turbine

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

  1. Air Conditioning Test Rig
  2. Ice Plant test Rig.
  3. Vapour Absorption Test Rig
  4. Vapour Compression Test Rig

Strength of Materials Lab

  1. Computerized Universal Testing Machine
  2. Impact Testing Machine
  3. Double Shear test

Theory of Machines & Mechanisms Lab

  1. Experimental Determination of Slip Belt Drive System
  2. Hydraulic Belt Unit(Two Brake Drums)
  3. CAM & Follower set
  4. Universal Governor Setup
  5. Clutch Test rig
  6. CAM Analysis Machine
  7. Gear Tooth Profile Apparatus
  8. Epicyclic Gear train Apparatus
  9. Combined setup of three experiment, Bifiller, Trifiller

Applied Thermodynamics Lab

  1. Lever Safety Valve
  2. Spring Loaded Safety Valve
  3. Dead Weight Safety Valve
  4. Combined high steam & low water safety valve
  5. Water gauge model
  6. Steam injector
  7. Pressure gauge
  8. Green economiser
  9. Bomb Calorimeter
  10. Boys Calorimeter
  11. Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus
  12. Pensky Marten flash point apparatus
  13. Orsat Gas analysis apparatus
  14. Mini Boiler Separating & Throttling Calorimeter
  15. Study of Fuel Pump(Mechanical Type)
  16. Study of Fuel Pump(Electrical Type)
  17. Carburettor(Cut section of Solex Carburettor
  18. Electronic Ignition system set
  19. Screw Pitch Gauge

Basic Mechanical Engg. Lab

  1. Model of Oldham’s Coupling
  2. Model of Centrifugal clutch
  3. Model of steam turbine
  4. Model of turbojet power unit
  5. Model of sectional solex carburettor
  6. Model of 4 stroke petrol engine
  7. Model of 2 stroke petrol engine
  8. Model of Wankel Engine
  9. Model of Simple Steam Generator
  10. Model of Rope Pulley
  11. Shaft Gear
  12. Flywheel
  13. Refrigeration Test rig
  14. Stepped Pulley
  15. Model of 4 bar Ackermann Steering Gear
  16. Model of slider crank mechanism(Hand Pump)
  17. Model of Benson Boiler
  18. Model of centrifugal Pump
  19. Model of slider crank mechanism reciprocating engine mechanism
  20. Chain Drive
  21. Rigid Flange Coupling
  22. Key (parallel) set of 5
  23. Disc Brake Model


  1. Welding Shop
  2. Carpentry Shop
  3. Machine Shop
  4. Fitting Shop
  5. CNC Shop
  6. Black Smithy Shop